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Modular Homes

A Farrell Modular Home is a mulit-state approved home. Our homes are built in two or more modules, transported over the roadways and installed on a pre-constructed foundation for a weather tight, permanent installation. At this point our crews come in to finish the interiors of the home from drywall, fixtures, stairwells, flooring and basement improvements to name a few. 

Farrell Homes warranties all our Modular Homes for one year against defects in workmanship and materials. Plumbing and electrical are warranted for two years and New York State mandates a six-year structural warranty. Our Modular Home manufacturers have the availability of a ten-year structural warranty.

Construction & Quality Control

Farrell Modular Homes are inspected by a third party agency before leaving the factory. Once on-site they are yet again by a local building inspector. Modular Homes are built consistently better than on-site homes because of the uniform process in building them. Our homes are built with as much as 30% more lumber than traditional stick built homes. This is because it must support itself during the transportation to the home site. Thus making it a stronger more durable home.

Energy Efficient

Modular Homes are typically more energy efficient because Modular Homes are built with tighter fits resulting in more energy efficiency. Tighter seals in floors and windows can result in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.

Cost Savings

Modular Homes are more affordable than its stick built counter-parts for many reasons. A few being that Modular Home factories are able to purchase lumber and materials in larger quantities resulting in more affordable prices for you. Modular Homes are built in climate controlled facilities thus protecting your home from damage and theft which tend to prolong on-site built homes.


Our Modular Homes are built indoors. The weather doesn’t interfere with the construction of the home. No worries about warped lumber, mold or water damage. Being protected from the elements of mother nature causes on-time construction and prevents damage, saving you money.


First step is to determine your modular home budget with a bank pre-qualification. Farrell Homes has several long standing relationships with local banks and can assist in the financing process. Then we move on to selecting your modular home design whether custom or literature based. We handle every aspect from preliminary plans to final inspections. If you choose, we at Farrell Homes can complete the entire project for you. From general contracting, scheduling, excavation, foundation, home construction, plumbing, heating, and most importantly; a completed Modular Home that will give you valued customer satisfaction and comfort for many, many years.

Reduced Time Period

Modular Homes are typically much faster than traditional building methods. We offer modular home delivery in as little as six weeks and turnkey projects in as little as twelve weeks!


Once we’ve sketched up your home plan and finalized the layout we move on to the fun part! We work with you to form your list of needs, custom features and specialty choices for your new home. From flooring options to custom cabinetry, we strive to make your new Modular Home feel as though it reflects your vision and design taste. Once you have made all the important design decisions we submit for final plans and begin excavation and construction of your dream home. Farrell Homes looks forward to welcoming you home!